Saturday, 17 December 2011

Decoupage Round Box

I am such a hoarder I can never throw anything away. I keep all sorts of things thinking that one day I might do something with them. Nice boxes are far too useful to throw away and I've been meaning to have a go at covering this round one that I got some hair products in last Christmas. 
I forgot to take a before photo, but it was gold with branding on the lid and the contents etc on the base. Choosing the paper was the hardest part, probably why it takes me so long to get round to things. I had bought a pack of vintage Christmas wrapping papers from a local charity shop back in the summer and only recently opened the pack to have a look. I really love this one which reminds me of Scandinavian knitwear.

First I painted it white all over the outside. I cut some of the wrapping paper to size and then when it was dry, painted the box with slightly watered down PVA glue. I carefully wrapped the paper round the box and then smoothed it down as best I could with the paintbrush which had a little of the glue on. When it was dry I carefully cut around the eyelets in the side with a scalpel and threaded the braid handle back through.
I will definitely be doing more of this in the not too distant future... as long as I can make a decision of what to cover and what paper to use.

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