Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Coffee Tin Re-Vamp

Sometimes I'm in the middle of doing something mundane, like wiping the kitchen surfaces when I have an idea and then just grab the things I need and before I know it, I've done it.
These little tins of tea, coffee and hot chocolate are too cute to throw away and I've had my eye on them for a while just waiting for my husband to finish drinking the contents so I can have them. 
As cute as they are, I wasn't keen on the label on the front. So the other day I suddenly thought about painting over them with blackboard paint. I wasn't sure if it would work so decided to just paint a bit on to try it, but before I knew it, I'd got the masking tape out and was going the whole hog. 
 I masked around the biggest points of the teapot design and then just painted the blackboard paint on and dried them with a hairdryer as I couldn't be bothered to wait. Then just peeled of the tape and they were all finished. 
At the moment they're still full of their original content but when they're empty they can be used and re-used for all sorts of other bits and bobs which can be easily labeled again and again and in the meantime they look nice where they are.

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