Sunday, 29 January 2012

T-shirt into Babygrow

This was actually my first make of the year but I only finished it last night. It is a gift for the soon to be born baby of my friends Jen & Mike who among other things are Hot Breath Karaoke. I made it out of one of their own T-shirts that my husband won at their karaoke night.
I used sewing pattern Butterick 5896 to make it up. I used the T-shirt for the main body but had to use extra fabric for the sleeves as the T-shirt was only a small. I have made babygrows and vests from T-shirts before. Once I got the dungarees, a long sleeved top and the hat all from just one XXXL T-shirt.
I had been putting off finishing it when I got to the snaps as I have to use a hammer so can't do it when my boy is sleeping and if I try and do it when he's awake, he won't leave me alone and just wants the hammer and the components. But recently I treated myself to these pliers. Here they are in my tin of fastenings etc.
They make the job so much easier and silent. Just a little squeeze and hey presto a press stud! 
I am really pleased I bought them, I don't know why I didn't get a pair sooner.
Now I just have to wait until he or she is born, and hope that they are a tiddler because I accidentally cut out the smallest size without checking. 

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