Friday, 24 February 2012

Cosy Toes / Foot Muff / Pushchair Liner

So, I bought the fabric to do this about a month ago but as always my 'to-do' list is longer than my arm, but thought I better get a move on before it gets too warm! I was putting it off because it seemed like it might be a bit of a challenge.
Before I started I'd had a look at various foot muffs in the shops and thought about what I would like mine to be like. Then after I had already bought the fabric, my sister in law came to visit and lent me hers to use. I used it a few times and this was really useful because then I got to find out what I did and didn't like about it and what I could change to the design I had in mind for mine.
One of the features I wanted for mine was for the cover bit to be completely removable. I used 2 open ended zips to enable this. This way it can be opened up from either side and also be taken off completely, plus two quite long zips are more easy to come by than one mega long zip!
 The other thing that had annoyed me about the other one was that it just flopped off the seat all the time when I had the frame upright when not in use. (I have a Bugaboo Frog and not much hallway space so we always take the frame off the wheels, hang the wheels on the wall and prop up the frame part in the narrow hall). To combat this, I added an extra 'sock' layer to the back of the foot muff at the top and bottom which slips snugly over the frame and holds the whole thing on securely as shown in the next two photos.
 To finish the edges of the holes I made for the straps I stitched bias binding around them. This was actually the most fiddly and time consuming part of the whole thing, and there are six of them.

Once I actually got on with it, it didn't take as long as I'd thought it would, but then I had thought the worst and had been putting it off for months. Here is a picture of my little family out for a walk in the woods, luckily I finished it just in time for the snow.

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